folding bikes for going and being human®
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The BARCELONA Citizen Bike combines classic styling with a consciously plush design and premium technology.  The handsome result is a unique folding bicycle that's a pleasure to ride. It's a folding bike for going and being human.



Soul -- it's the essence of life. It connects all people on this planet and makes us distinctly human. For going and being human, it's your SEOUL. We've created this bike to be your essential: a light, affordable, compact companion.



Simply cool – the GOTHAM1 Citizen Bike is a singlespeed folding bike that is the go-to when you just need to get there. It's a light, nimble, frill-free folder. We trimmed out everything but the style on this snappy ride.


The GOTHAM7 Citizen Bike is a folding bike that is designed as a light and swift commuter – a boldly styled urban ride that is right at home on the city streets. It's a folding bike for going and being human.


Day or night, work or play, it's ready 24-7. At the ready and equally suited for getting you to work, getting you home and everything in between, this 24", 7-speed is the super-utility machine.


The MIAMI Citizen Bike is an elegant combination of practicality, performance and price – and riding a bike has never been this fun. This folding bike will get you anywhere you need to go, for travel, storage or simplicity.



The TOKYO Citizen Bike is a small wheeled folding bike that is designed to be ultra-portable, for a compact and convenient package when folded. Exceptional value for commuters and travelers, if you are looking for the most compact folded size.




Citizen Folding Bike in BermudaRead the latest customer comments about their Citizen® folding bike experiences. And please send us more of your stories about your folding bike adventures from around the world or just around home.


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folding bikes for going and being human®

Citizen Bike is a lifestyle of going and being human, transportation solutions for your life that are practical, affordable and fun. Our exciting line of folding bicycles is value and style conscious, focusing on innovative, affordable and handsome transportation. We've packed in as much as we could into our bikes at a price to let everyone experience the joy and convenience of foldable bikes.

ten years and rolling

In 2015, we’re proud to be celebrating ten years of helping people get going and being human. Over the years, we've been adventure enablers, commuting companions, and unfolding new journeys right at home. We're prouder than ever of our folding bikes and excited to share them with you. Thanks for the ride and we look forward to rolling on together.

choosing your bike

Citizen Bike offers a variety of folding and portable bicycles to suit all types of uses and budgets.  If you're looking for a budget sensitive folder to a lightweight commuter, Citizen Bike has a bike for your lifestyle. Learn more about choosing the most appropriate model for you.

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Prepared with love

prepared with love

Because we only offer our bikes direct, we're able to pass along all of the savings to you. But we're also able to do things differently. Unlike what you should expect from purchasing a bike online, we're quite the opposite. We're not slapping a label on a box and tossing it into a truck. Your bike is prepared to order, customized and packed for shipment, right here in the USA at Citizen HQ. We'll add and attach your accessories, tune it all up, and carefully pack your bike for safe travels to you. Your bike is tuned and setup with the same level of care and attention you'd get from your local bike shop. Because we can pack the bikes folded and fully assembled, your bike will arrive to you ready to ride...and prepared with love.

in the news

Citizen Bike is a featured prize this season on The Price is Right, starting on March 21st. Check your local listings.

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practical uses of a folding bike

CommutingTake a folding Citizen Bike on the train or subway and make those last blocks to work on your bike.  Or you can store your folding bike in your car for days when you park a little farther from work and bike the rest of the way there. Avoid traffic, and keep fit at the same time.

CarImagine the ease of taking your bicycle with you without the hassle of a bike rack. Whether it's a business trip, a camping trip or just a weekend drive in the country, store your folding bike in your trunk and have the freedom to go for a ride whenever you want.  

ApartmentWhether you live in an apartment, dorm, or are just tight on extra space, a Citizen Bike offers you a great ride with the added convenience of portable, easy storage.  A Citizen folding bike can be folded neatly into a storage bag, out of the way and in a closet.

BoatBoaters love having a Citizen Bike on board. Pull into port, pull out your folding bikes and have a full featured bicycle to take you wherever you want to go. Explore or run errands, Citizen Bike has a model that will fit needs and your boat.

AirplanePrivate pilots and travelers enjoy the convenience and portability of a Citizen Bike. Stowed conveniently in the hold of even the smallest aircraft, a folding bike still leaves room for other gear. So, wherever you may land, Citizen Bike has you covered for your global adventures.

RVWhether you’re cruising the canyons, meandering the plains, or just away for the weekend, a Citizen Bike offers you the flexibility to take your bikes with you. A Citizen folder is an ideal road companion, packed into a storage bag and tucked out of the way.

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Portable & Folding Bikes

portable & folding bikes

Folding Bicycles by Citizen Bike for commuting, travel and just around town – riding bikes has never been so much fun.
Folding Bike Bags

folding bike bags

Carrying bags for your folding Citizen bike for travel, storage and convenience.
Folding Bike Accessories

folding bike accessories

Gear up! Everything you need to accessorize you and your Citizen folding bike – helmets, racks, fenders, seats & more.
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